Module Oug_comp

module Oug_comp: sig .. end
Comparing two graphs, for regression testing.

type error 
exception Error of error
val compare_graphs : 'a Oug_data.t -> 'b Oug_data.t -> unit
compare_graph g1 g2 compares the two given graph, g1 being the reference graph, while g2 is the new one. The order does not change anything, this is just a convention to make the comprehension of diagnostics easier.
Raises Error when the two graphs are not equal, that is no bijection of vertices and edges could be found to consider the two graph isomorphic.
val string_of_error : 'a Oug_data.t -> 'b Oug_data.t -> error -> string
string_of_error g1 g2 err returns the diagnostic of comparison. The two graphs must be given in the same order as when Oug_comp.compare_graphs was called.